Sous les mers

Sous les mers


The Sous les mers offers the classiest of the sporty looks. Big, bold and undeniably beautiful is this diver’s watch the perfect companion wherever you may go – in the water, on the beach and yes, even in the office. Its automatic movement guarantees a tireless, smooth and reliable drive.

Scratch-resistant sapphire glass

Sapphire is one of the hardest materials there is, and its scratch resistance is surpassed only by diamond. Durable, robust and highly resistant to impact, sapphire glass is an excellent choice for any wristwatch and is superior to all other forms of glass.

Day display

The date display is one of the classic and most popular complications for wristwatches. For this purpose, a printed ring below the surface rotates about its axis once every 31 days, and shows the current date through a small gap in the dial.


This watchmodel contains 24 jewel bearings. Jewel bearings are an important part of mechanical movements. Positioned at key points, they guarantee significantly less friction than with other materials and, as a result, significantly reduced wear. The result is longer-lasting, more precise and less maintenance-intensive movements.

silicon wristlet

Silicone watch straps are a sporty alternative to conventional stainless steel or leather straps. Silicone straps are extremely resistant and, consequently, long-lasting; they offer terrific comfort and are perfectly skin-friendly and compatible. Not even sweat or salt water can harm them, which is why they are perfect for sports and diving watches.

Water resistance 30 ATM

Water resistance is a critical characteristic of everyday wristwatches, because improper handling can allow water to get in and cause damage to the inside of the watch. Water resistance is not a permanent property since sealing elements can deteriorate or get damaged; checking these every two years is generally recommended. Watches with a water resistance of 20 ATM can officially be called diving watches; that is, wristwatches with a water resistance of 30 ATM can be used without restriction within the field of recreational and sport diving.

Data sheet

Model NoAB-2010A
GlassScratch-resistant sapphire glass
CaseStainless steel case
Wristbandsilicon wristlet
MovementETK 861
Day display
Helium release valve
Water resistance30 ATM
Diameter44 mm
Band width22 mm
Case height13 mm
Recommended Retail Price1595 € / 1760 CHF

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